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Natural Enzymatic Goodness

JIN JIN is a non-alcoholic enzymatic concentrate. Made with 35 fermented natural ingredients from fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures. It is a transformative lifestyle drink that enhances our wellbeing. This delicious and versatile concentrate is designed to elevate your daily routine, offering a natural boost for your body and mind.

750 ml of jin jin zero alcohol enzyme drink





sohn, founder of jin jin alcohol free enzyme drink

photoed by Lauren Harris, shot for DELLI

The JIN JIN journey began with a vision to develop a drink that not only tastes great but also supports overall wellbeing. A few year ago, Sohn discovered a range of concentrated enzyme drinks originating from East Asia. These drinks packed a range of health benefits and, being concentrates, allowed for endless mixing and matching.


Loaded with nutrients like pre- and probiotics and complex enzymes, JIN JIN helps our bodies function at their best — from boosting the immune system to supporting our day-to-day mental well-being. It's also a palate pleaser: JIN JIN's subtle, versatile flavour provides a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks and non-alcoholic spirits alike.

We understand that people are increasingly seeking healthy, functional drinks throughout the day, and delightful non-alcoholic options in the evening.
JIN JIN is a drink for all occasions!

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