Brand Partnership JIN JIN X HumaniTeas

JIN JIN X HumaniTea

A collaboration with JIN JIN and HumaniTea

JIN JIN’s week-long collaboration with HumaniTea. We’re proud to say we’ve moved into our new home! This partnership was the first we've held at our new working space.

What is HumaniTea?

UK’s first Iced Vegan Tea Lattes, HumaniTea, offers a delicious, well-balanced tea latte beverage which supports well-being and sustainability initiatives through wholesome tea.

HumaniTea offers two flavours; Matcha and Earl Grey. Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Lattes provide calm energy without the crash and jitters of coffee caffeine while bringing clarity and focus to the mind. Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Lattes provide a boost of antioxidants and natural energy.

It was a pleasure having the HumaniTea team visit our new office. We had a really productive fun morning making content for social media, taking pictures, videos and interviews. Find out how we made delicious drinks using a bottle of JIN JIN and HumaniTea’s Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte and Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte below.

HumaniTea and JIN JIN mocktail recipe:

Ingredients for the shaken method:

  • 20ml JIN JIN

  • 200ml Earl Grey Tea Latte

  • Chocolate powder

  • Ice

How to make:

  • Place ice into the cocktail shaker

  • Add 20ml of JIN JIN and 200ml of Earl Grey into the shaker

  • Shake for 30 seconds and add ice to the glass

  • Strain the mixture into the glass and finish with a teaspoon of chocolate powder

Ingredients for the stirred method: