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Diet & Gut Health

Here at JIN JIN gut health is everything to us & we want to make sure that those who love our products are aware of the impact ones diet can have on gut health!

Gut microbiomes are fundamental for your overall health, however certain types of bacteria can contribute towards the accumulation of certain diseases! Therefore, it is fundamental to watch the types of foods that you eat as this will significantly impact the various different types of bacteria which may be found within the digestive tract!

Alongside drinking JIN JIN, here are some tips to improve your diet:

  • Ensure that your diet has a wide variety of different foods as this will lead to a greater diverse microbiome!

  • Introduce a lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes into your diet! These are some of the best sources of nutrients around and will stimulate the growth of certain bacteria!

  • Consume fermented foods as they are high in lactobacilli, a bacteria which will benefit your health! JIN JIN has you covered on this one

  • Consume prebiotic foods

  • Eat whole grain foods which help in the growth of the good bacteria within the gut

  • Go for foods which are high in polyphenols!

  • Consume more probiotics!

The main pointers we can give you along with the ones stated above are to simply fill-up on fibre rich foods such as brown rice, fruit & veg in order to help prevent constipation and help your body in digesting foods. In addition, make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day so that your body is receiving sufficient fluid intake to aid digestion and the passage of waste, along with ensuring that fibre can function effectively!

Also don’t forget that greasy fried foods are not a friend of your stomachs! So, make sure to cut down on these to ensure a healthy gut as these types of food are significantly more difficult for the body to digest and can cause your stomach to work much harder which we don’t want!

Not only does JIN JIN undergo fermentation but it's packed full of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and live cultures! So, consuming JIN JIN daily, you can be confident that you're taking the first steps to having the healthiest gut possible!

Stay tuned for all of our future posts revolving around various different nutrition related topics! If you have not yet tried JIN JIN, give us a try!

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