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We have partnered with awesome teams to create a HALLOWEEN KIDS PARTY this weekend, Sunday the 31st October 2021 in Dalston, Hackney.

An amazing Halloween party with a puppet show, face paintings, crafts & baking workshops by the 3 craziest witches you'll ever meet!

About this event 2 hours of fun hosted by 3 witches for you and your kids to spend the nicest Halloween at Ginette French Café !

We will start with a puppet show with Les Aventures de Martin Avril, the French traveller puppet will tell you a very special Halloween adventure with his friend the Spider with singalong, puppetry theater, props, dance and loads of spider webs. That's not only it though, one of the spider web will lead us to our next wonderful treat of the day, face paintings! Let's be anything you like for Halloween, from a pumpkin to a vampire...Grrr...sounds scary!

If you don't want to be face-painted and keep your angels faces, you could go to our Arts and Crafts workshops with your magic hands to create something really frightening! We'll also use our little fingers to cook a delicious Halloween cookies for you to eat after the workshops! After all of that fun, more fun : we'll put music out loud and party until night falls!

Parents : Don't worry, we thought about you as well! We'll offer the nicest and healthiest drink "JIN JIN" and delicious treats from the amazing "Bread & Co" mum-daughter duo for you to also have a little moment for yourself while your kids are dancing around on "GhostBusters" or the oldie but goodie "Thriller" !

We also be running a pumpkin carving workshop from 5:30pm until 6:30 pm on Saturday 30th, still at the café, for an extra dose of fun & thrills. The party will be from 3 years old to12 years old & the pumpkin lantern workshop from 10 years old. Adults are more than welcome to carve with us!

Grab your tickets HERE

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