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Introducing BOX of WONDERS

Unveiling Distinctive Delights: JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate and Chapman's of London Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Cocktail

In a world brimming with beverage options, two extraordinary brands stand out, offering a unique twist to the non-alcoholic and functional drink scene. Get ready to explore the captivating flavours of JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate and Chapman's of London Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Cocktail—an exciting combination that brings diversity and innovation to your glass.

IN THE BOX: 1 x 60ml JIN JIN, 4 Cans of Chapman's light and a exclusive cocktail recipe card ELIXIR SPRITZ crafted by trusted mixologist.

JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate

Founded on the principles of natural goodness, JIN JIN is the brainchild of entrepreneurs who bring a fresh perspective to the industry. As a small business, their focus is on delivering a distinctive product that caters to health-conscious consumers.

Natural Goodness:

  • JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate is a testament to the brand's commitment to natural ingredients. Free from artificial additives, this drink is a concentrated blend of 35 raw and natural components. It stands out as a refreshing alternative for those seeking a beverage that is both flavourful and wholesome.

Gut Health Booster:

  • At the heart of JIN JIN is the powerhouse ingredient known as JIN JIN—an amalgamation of nutrients and beneficial living bacteria. This concentrate supports gut health, thanks to its rich content of probiotics and complex enzymes. Each sip is a journey towards a healthier, well-nourished body.

Chapman's of London Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Cocktail

Chapman's of London brings a touch of Nigerian vibrancy to the global stage. As a small business, their commitment to authenticity and flavour diversity is evident in every bottle. Founded by entrepreneurs who celebrate the non-alcoholic cocktail culture, this brand brings the essence of Nigeria to your glass.

Nigerian Cocktail Authenticity:

  • Chapman's of London is a celebration of Nigeria's vibrant cocktail culture. Crafted with authenticity in mind, this drink captures the essence of traditional Nigerian flavours, offering a unique and delightful experience for those looking to explore the world of non-alcoholic beverages.

Low-Calorie, Vegan Delight:

  • This non-alcoholic cocktail from Chapman's of London is more than just a taste of Nigeria; it's a guilt-free pleasure. With low-calorie content and a vegan-friendly formula, it caters to a wide audience without compromising on the rich, authentic flavours that make Nigerian cocktails so enticing.

JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate and Chapman's of London Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Cocktail exemplify the diversity and innovation present in the non-alcoholic and functional drink market. Whether you're seeking a natural gut health booster or a sip of Nigerian authenticity, these brands deliver a combination that transforms your drinking experience. Embrace the richness of flavour and functionality as you indulge in the distinct delights offered by JIN JIN and Chapman's of London.

Each box makes 8 cocktails, so you can share with friends and family for a mindful drinking party this January.

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