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JIN JIN X Bemuse Collaboration

Are you ready to experience a sensational blend of sweet, sour, and sparkling? We've got something special for you—a collaboration between JIN JIN X Bemuse Pomona Brut that's as unique as it is delicious!

You can get this fantastic bundle on Todelli - Online Deli.

The bundle include 60ml of JIN JIN Enzymatic Concentrate and 750ml of Bemuse Pomona Brut.

JIN JIN a non-alcoholic enzymatic drink. It's a powerhouse of fermented goodness with 35 combined fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures:

  • Versatile and healthy: JIN JIN is raw, unpasteurised, and contains no artificial flavourings. It's vegan, gluten-free, and has a long shelf-life, making it perfect for any lifestyle.

  • Functional and flavourful: With its complex sweet and sour profile, JIN JIN is more than a beverage—it's a mood-boosting, immune-supporting addition to your day.

Bemuse Pomona Brut is a sparkling honey wine that's anything but ordinary. Its elegant blend of natural ingredients makes it perfect for any occasion:

  • Natural and refreshing: Made with delicate Apple Blossom Honey from English orchards, Bemuse Pomona Brut combines ginger, cardamom, and orange peel for a zesty, aromatic experience.

  • Perfect with food: This effervescent wine pairs well with stronger cheese, spicy dishes, and roast dinners, making it a versatile choice for your next meal.

Together, JIN JIN and Bemuse Pomona Brut create a unique #zeroproof cocktail. Just mix 10ml of JIN JIN with 125ml of ice cold Bemuse Pomona Brut for a refreshing treat that's perfect for outdoor dining or a cosy night in.

With six servings in the bundle, there's plenty to share with loved ones. Get your bundle HERE.


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