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THEENK TEA mixed pack – 21 day program [63 teabags]

THEENK TEA is a 21-day herbal program designed to support your brain function and mental wellbeing, naturally.

Each box is packed with 12 herbal nootropics, adaptogens and stimulants divided into 3 functional blends for

mornings, afternoons and evenings.

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BEE Like a BEE, BEE Like a BEE - bag of 15 wellness pralines- immunity boosting chocolates made of 5 types of valuable bee products.

This praline is a unique product due to its variety of high quality bee products which in combination make a powerhouse of natural goodness. It makes a delicious healthy food which you can have anytime, anywhere, especially when feeling run down/ weak.

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Toure Cosmetics Gift Set [Argan Oil/Coconut Shea Butter/Lip Balm]

Their Commitments:

- Provide premium raw ingredients