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Meet Dorota Cloke, qualified nutritionist and founder of the most awesome healthy lunch boxes ON ROOT

In hew own words:

I have always been interested in food and the ways that food can affect our bodies. I am a big proponent of healthy eating because it's been so important in my own life and my family's life. My mum always had been a great advocate of wholesome eating and this lifestyle carried on with me. I’m now a mother myself of two lovely kiddos, and my mission is to pass on the healthy eating gene onto them as well.

I’m a devoted foodie, always have been, personally and professionally. My career revolved around working in some of finest restaurants in London and NYC. My expertise stretches from operations and strategy through to sales management. I had a different calling however, my new purpose is to raise awareness about medicinal properties of healthy eating, to engage and educate people about superpowers of plants, to help working parents plan their weekly menus and encourage home cooking from scratch, to shout about the benefits of controlled fasting, to enhance our bodies and brains with natural ingredients, adaptogens and nootropics to help us thrive beyond our optimal abilities. I am now qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management and all my recipes are tailored to be ‘beyond healthy’.



The idea was born directly from the pandemic, because the lockdown

forced many people to work from home and they did not have to time,

or know how, to prepare healthy food quickly. The feedback was


On Root is a lunch box with soup, Buddha Bowl and superfood shots and sugar free snacks aka Brain Bombs that are made with the use of beyond healthy ingredients. It has been created to share my passion for cooking super healthy food.

As a qualified nutritionist and devoted biohacker, I've taken great care to source organic ingredients, so you can be sure that you're fuelling your body only with the good stuff.

On Root box is much more than just fuel, it can also heal the soul and nurture the spirit with its beyond healthy ingredients. Every dish is designed to increase productivity and energy levels during the working day.

My supershots are extremely popular, especially GTB - ginger, turmeric, honey and black pepper, or FB - fermented beetroot juice, good for the gut. All the soups are really hearty and nourishing with multiple layers of nutrients e.g. Indian Spiced Magical Mung is always the best seller.

My brain bombs are sugar-free sweets, e.g. Avocado and Dark Chocolate Truffles with nuts, chia seeds and Ashwagandha. They are designed to keep our brains fulled with healthy fats to stay optimally focused. Especially around the afternoon slump.


And here the most exciting news! Dorota recently taking us on board with one of her box

The On Root Reset Box is a 3 day detox and rejuvenation box packed with super shots, cold pressed juices, soups, and coffee sachets to boost your brain, your liver and your cells. This box will give you a head start to feeling healthier, lighter on your feet. The Reset Box is designed to keep you full, stop your cravings and show you the power of Intermittent Fasting. It's packed with super

food ingredients that are also organic to balance gut health as part of the reset program.

The three speciality ingredients that make this box unique are:

JIN JIN - enzyme cordial to support your gut health and help with detox faster

MCT oil by Ancient + Brave to curb your cravings

Keto Coffee by Planet Paleo for extra energy and collagen* supplementation

On Root Reset Boxes are a nurturing, plant led food ready to eat in

minutes. They contain no gluten, wheat or dairy and are suitable for

Vegetarians *. All On Root products are suitable for Flexitarians and

Keto dieters.

*collagen is pure bovine but marine version is also available





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