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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We are so pleased to announce to you all the incredible woman that is Miji Yi, the face behind the one-of-a-kind mouth-watering kimchi known as ONGGI! Miji has Korean roots running through her bones and throughout life Kimchi has not only been a staple within her household but also the whole of Korea. To put it simply, Miji is a master in the field of Kimchi, but not only that… she adds her very own original twist on to it, simply making it one of a kind! Miji has roots which run very deep, she is a trained double bassist and a Korean voiceover artist since 2010! She loved Kimchi growing up as a child and so does her 3-year-old daughter and husband who loves Kimchi, giving her the perfect reason to introduce this beloved dish to everybody who is missing out!

Miji started her Kimchi business during lockdown last year in November 2020, in which her friends and family encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion for this food as it was something that all felt the world was missing out on! This amazing dish is something that Miji has always felt that she has wanted to bring to the entire world! Miji’s unique and mouth-watering version of Kimchi is fully made homemade by herself and is different to the ‘original’ Kimchi, which is usually available, as Miji took extra care in removing all of the fish sauce present, putting her own unique twist on this dish and ensuring that is vegan friendly! With that being said, the original Kimchi is not a vegan product by origins and Miji felt that this is a type of dish which the whole world needs to experience without any restrictions! With that being said, her unique twist does not only make this sensational dish vegan friendly, but it is also gluten free, allergen-free and has no preservatives or added sugars!

Please stay posted during this month as we cannot wait to introduce everybody to our partnership with ONGGI! Our thirst-quenching JIN JIN will be combined with the amazing one-of-a-kind kimchi, to combine both products into one for a limited time only! Not only will this result in a sensational flavour mixture, but the combination of both fermented products packed full of beneficial enzymes, vitamins/minerals and improved gut health simply means that you will be reaping 2x the health benefits and giving your body even more of the love that it deserves!

Get the products while you can as soon as stock lasts! Visit and stay up to date on our Instagram page @drinkjinjin of this brand partnership and when the product will be available for purchase!

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