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Here to another giveaway! Competition ends 9am August 12th

For a chance to win:⁠

- 12 Packs case SHORE seaweed clusters (You pick the flavour) (RRP £15.50)

- 6 Bottles of mini JIN JIN Natural Enzyme Cordial (RRP £16.20)

Who is SHORE?

Since 2016 they have been growing, harvesting and processing premium Scottish seaweed to bring you products that are 100% sustainable, good for the coastal environment and beneficial for our local rural communities.

Based in Wick, in the far North East of Scotland, one of UK’s most remote communities. The local waters are clean and cool, with strong tides that provide the vital nutrients for our seaweed to feast on. It is important that they are a source of good for the coastal environment and also beneficial to the local communities.

The dedicated harvesters expertly handpick seaweed all year round. Their unique skills and resilience in all weathers allows them to select and hand harvest the best seaweed our shores have to offer. Then SHORE seaweed is carefully washed before being dried at low temperature to preserve all its natural goodness.

Through dozen of trials, they have carefully crafted their recipes to ensure all the products taste fantastic. Their full range of snacks and foods hero our hand-picked Scottish seaweed with recipes that are 100% plant-based. Never use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or add MSG in their recipes.

Learn more about their seaweed

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