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Small Habits That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your Health

We often take our health for granted. This can leave us run down, worn out, and feeling like a less-than-ideal version of ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are many small steps you can take each day that will help you live your very best life. Today, we touch on a few of these.

Prioritise gut health.

Your gut is the epicentre of your entire body. It must receive proper nutrition so that you can best put your energies toward other areas of your physical and mental well-being. A great way to fuel your body’s micro-biome is with Jin Jin natural enzyme drink, which was created based on similar drinks available in ancient Asia.

Declutter your digital world.

Given that much of our day is spent on our computers and other devices, you likely have digital clutter in your line of sight each day. Having too many apps, too many open tabs, and other online excesses can lead to stress just as much as having cluttered PDF files. If you need help with the latter, consider this option: compress your PDFs to free up space on your device, and rename your files so that they are organised and easier to locate.

Drink enough water.

Drinking water helps your body flush out toxins, and it helps keep you energised. Drink at least eight glasses of plain water each day to stay hydrated. If you’re not big on the taste, you can add fruit or sugar-free drink mix.

Work out for 30 minutes.

While we don’t all like going to the gym, your body deserves at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. This can be spent running, jogging, walking, or even playing with the kids. The Mommy Poppins blog suggests jump rope, hide and seek, and hopscotch for active games children of all ages, yourself included, will love.

Practise good hygiene.

Good hygiene keeps you looking neat and tidy, but it also keeps you healthy, too. And washing your hands is a big part of this. The US Department of Health & Human Services recommends washing for at least 20 seconds before, during, and after the food preparation process before you eat, or after you’ve touched pets, diapers, or garbage.

Quit smoking.

Around 13.3% of adults in the UK smoke cigarettes. Thankfully, this number is down from 2020, but it’s still not enough. Quit smoking, and you’ll have more energy, your skin will look better, and you’ll enjoy better oral health. Further, every moment you go without cigarettes reduces your chances of developing lung cancer.


It’s often difficult to relax amid the chaos of our days. After all, we have work, chores, and children to attend to. But, as Wellbeing People explains, you have to take some time out just for yourself and begin looking at relaxation as a time of productivity. Relaxing helps the entire body and mind wind down so that you can reduce stress.

Laugh more often.

Forget the apple, a laugh a day is far more effective at boosting your overall health. Laughing enhances your immune system, relieves pain, and kicks in your body’s endorphin production so that you’ll instantly be in a better mood. Plus, a giggle improves blood flow and burns calories.

If you’re trying to be at your healthiest best, there are many small ways you can achieve it that won’t intrude into your schedule. From decluttering your digital world to simply learning how to relax and laugh, today’s tips can help you wind down and wind up your wellness efforts.

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Guest Author: Ashley McLean

"Ashley hopes her YoungMoms site will offer you practical support and a sense of community — it’s true when they say it takes a village to raise a child, and the YoungMoms team is here to be part of yours."


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