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The Different Types of Weight Loss Diets

As we all know, weight loss is one of the most talked about areas in the world of nutrition & health, which can either be successful or unsuccessful… but thankfully there are many scientifically proven effective healthy weight loss diets out there that will help you in reaching the weight loss goals that you are aiming for. It is our mission to make sure that all of our customers, our physically and mentally the happiest possible versions of themselves! We care about YOU and your wellbeing, so whether you're about to undertake a weight loss journey and you're unsure how to start or where to begin, just remember that JIN JIN is always here for you and your needs, providing you with the insights and information you may find helpful on a weekly basis! Please never feel shy to reach out to us directly regarding any health or nutrition related enquiries you may have.

With that being said, there are a wide number of different weight loss diets out there available to try, however two of the most popular are the Mediterranean diet and the flexitarian diet. In which both are some of the world’s best diets in which we and doctors themselves would highly recommend for you to try due to the sheer amount of health benefits that they compose of.

The Mediterranean diet is arguably one of the best options you can go for in regard to weight loss and general health and wellbeing. Numerous studies have proven that this type of diet shows better results compared to those which are low-fat focused for significantly greater weight loss after 1 year and improved heart health. This diet is specifically focused on undertaking similar healthy living habits to those that live near the Mediterranean Sea. Within this diet you will likely experience a high intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, beans, grains, fish, cereals, and unsaturated fat, in which meat and dairy is kept very minimal. As you can see there is a big focus on nutritious foods and added sugars & processed ingredients are heavily limited/restricted within this type of diet. The end result of following this diet plan, will likely result in significantly improved heart health, reduced inflammation, more effective blood sugar regulation and of course significantly better weight loss results! Plant based diets have been found to be more effective in weight loss than omnivore diets, likely due to increased fibre intakes and the replacement of animal proteins to plant proteins. The Mediterranean diet has been voted as the U.S. News & World Reports No.1 diet worldwide!

The flexitarian diet is an amazing choice for weight loss, as it has been proven to significantly improve weight loss, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and improve blood pressure levels due to the difference in eating styles within this diet! This diet will allow you to significantly reduce the amount of saturated fat and calories that you are consuming within your diet (without having to completely change your diet around) which we all now are absolute diet killers for weight loss! The flexitarian diet is so popular due to the results in weight loss it shows and also the flexibility it offers to people who take it, this makes it easier to commit to and maintain for a longer period of time compared to other diets where people may struggle and ‘give in’ over-time. Within this diet, meat and animal products are allowed but only in moderation, you will mostly experience and be encouraged to adapt to more of a plant-based approached style of eating. We all know that cutting meat out of a diet can be hard and we all struggle to eat the sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables that our bodies need, so what better diet than one which will give your body the love it deserves and also not restrict you from eating the types of foods you love!

These are two of the most effective weight-loss diets currently available, but just remember to incorporate JIN JIN into these diets if you take them!

Stay tuned for all of our future posts revolving around various different nutrition related topics! If you have not yet tried JIN JIN, give us a try!

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