Try E17 Plant The Seed Vegan sandwich club this VEGANUARY

Going VEGAN this year or this January? This delightful vegan sandwich club,

E17 Plant The Seed is definitely worth a try!

Every person who adopts a plant-based diet for just ONE month will save:

🌳 86 sq meters of forest

🔘 281 kg of co2

💧 129,000 litres of water

🐷 31 innocent animal lives

Now times that by 500k!

Why not start 2021 as you mean to go on - treading gently and compassionately on this beautiful little planet we live on 🌍

So head to their website and try the best homemade vegan sourdough sandwiches in town! You can also find our JIN JIN there!

They deliver to your door in time for lunch, Every Wednesdays + Thursdays

*Order by 11am for same day

Sample Menu:

More detail

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