Packed Full of Beneficial

Bacteria that Our Bodies Love

Using traditional methods of fermentation, JIN JIN is carefully crafted with more than 35 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures. This ancient process produces beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes which help us fight off bad microorganisms that comes in our bodies uninvited and help maintain good gut health, and when our guts are healthy our body is happy.

JIN JIN also contains one of the most important antioxidant 'Superoxide Dismutase' [SOD] which  helps slow down ageing process and defend our bodies  from harmful oxygen molecules in cells that play a main role in disease.


Delightfully Delicious

 NEW AND UNUSAL TASTE - Great pairing with food

a great alternative to artificial and sugary drinks

Drink simply mixed with spring water, or try it with cold fizzy water and a big squeeze of lime, or maybe even use it as a mixer in your favourite cocktail!

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“I received JIN JIN as a gift from my sister. My husband has had Psoriasis for 50 years and has used creams & lotions with little success. The skin on his knees & elbows has always been especially red & flakey. JIN JIN has really helped! Both his knees & elbows are now hardly red or flakey at all. We now feel he does not need to use the prescribed creams at all. Instead, he drinks JIN JIN daily. Thank you!”


—  Kath Smith


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