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Whether you already attend yoga but want to know more about it, or have ever felt slightly left out or confused by different ways of teaching, this course will help bring you up to speed. From the origins of yoga to the theory behind breathing techniques and asanas and much much more.

To celebrate the launch of the YOGA DECODED course by FLO YOGA, our favourite yoga teacher, Flo is giving the first 10 bookings a free 10-bottle gift pack of JIN JIN - our very own natural enzyme cordial.


Flo has been a yoga teacher for almost two decades. She teaches Vinyasa Flow (dynamic and slow) as well as pre- and postnatal yoga classes in London and online classes for all levels [Beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners]. Her passion is to make physical and spiritual yoga accessible to any level of experience or life stage. As Flo says 'Yoga is for every body'.

Flo's teaching has been nothing but a massive help shaping, transforming and healing my wellbeing both mentally and physically.' Sohn, our JIN JIN founder

Check out Flo's classes HERE


#YogaDecoded is a 4-part course that will give you the material you need to show you the benefits of yoga as a spiritual and philosophical system. The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in discovering or revisiting the origins of yoga, and looking to integrate yoga more fully into their daily life.

This is the ultimate springboard to explore your practice more mindfully. In combination with your own practice, this course is designed to enrich your journey, whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a beginner hoping to demystify this ancient art.

Module 1: Yoga’s History & Origins Module 2: Yoga & Spirituality Module 3: The Mythology and Benefits of Main Asanas Module 4: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

All sessions (over 5 hours supported by more than a 100 slides) are pre-recorded and yours forever. Price: £177.00 (including £29.50 VAT)

The modules can also be bought separately.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about FLO, head over to her website HERE!


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