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Our Story

A few years ago, I discovered a range of concentrated enzyme drinks originating from East Asia. These drinks packed numerous health benefits and, being concentrates, allowed for endless mixing and matching.

When I realised there was nothing like it available in the UK, JIN JIN was born.

Loaded with nutrients like pre- and probiotics and complex enzymes, JIN JIN helps our bodies function at their best — from boosting the immune system to supporting our day-to-day mental well-being. Crucially, it's also a palate pleaser: JIN JIN's subtle, versatile flavour provides a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks and non-alcoholic spirits alike.

We understand that people are increasingly seeking healthy, functional drinks throughout the day, and delightful non-alcoholic options in the evening. JIN JIN is a drink for all occasions!"

JIN JIN is a cultured fruit and vegetable drink concentrate, it is packed full of probiotics and complex enzymes from 35 raw and natural ingredients.



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