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8 Healthy Drinks You Can Drink Instead of Water

One of the simplest things we can do for our health is to stay hydrated but often it’s the first thing to fall off the radar. There are plenty of reasons why this happens but a common belief among many people is that they just hate drinking water. So, if you’re one of those people who finds water boring, keep reading to discover tasty alternatives that are full of health benefits.

The importance of staying hydrated

Improving your hydration is about building a new habit and with every new habit, it’s important to get crystal clear on the reasons why. You need to have a motivator. So before we explore the healthy drink options, let’s look at exactly why hydration is so important.

You need to stay hydrated as it supports bodily functions such as:

  • The circulatory system - delivering oxygen to each and every cell in your body

  • The digestive system - helps break down necessary nutrients

  • Regulating body temperature - keeping you cool as you sweat

  • Flushing out waste - helping your kidneys do their job properly

  • And more!

Despite this being a tiny snapshot of the importance of staying hydrated, it’s already clear that we need to maintain fluid balance to function properly every day.

So, bored of water?

Knowing the importance of hydration can be stressful when you’re feeling uninspired to pick up eight glasses a day of something that tastes like nothing.

The good news is that even if you’re bored of water, you don’t have to compromise your hydration goal. There are plenty of healthy drinks other than water to be enjoyed as part of a healthy-eating lifestyle. Some of them taste sweet and fruity while others can be used as natural energy supplements. Here are eight nutritious drinks you can enjoy instead to keep you hydrated.

8 healthy drinks you can enjoy instead of water


Kombucha is a popular drink thanks to its unique flavours and health benefits. This refreshing drink is made from the fermentation of tea and cultures with its origins in ancient Northeast China. The rise in popularity over the past few decades is down to the high level of antioxidants and most notably, the probiotics found within the drink that supports good gut health.

Green tea

Green tea is known by many as a go-to healthy drink. It can be consumed by straining the dried tea leaves or by whisking up matcha powder (ground green tea) with hot water. This would be ideal if you find yourself also looking for a caffeine kick throughout the day because it won't make you have a caffeine crash.


Smoothies are not only a great way to hydrate but they can be a small meal on the go (depending on what you pack inside). You can add in some berries and spinach for a vitamin C boost along with some oats, yoghurt and filtered water for a tasty, hydrating breakfast on the go. You can enjoy the hydration boost from not only the liquids but the fruits and veggies too.


Kefir is another popular choice among the health drinks out there. It’s another fermented drink typically made from cow’s or goat’s milk which has a similar sourness to yoghurt. It’s packed with nutrients and probiotics (even more than yoghurt), making it the perfect drink to start your day.

Coconut water

Coconut water is usually found in tropical climates but now that you have easier access to this delicious drink in supermarkets and health stores, you should use it to your advantage. It’s nutritious and full of electrolytes making it the perfect remedy drink post-exercise. Drink it alone, add it to your smoothies or switch up your sports drinks for a natural alternative.

Healthy cordials

One of the best ways to increase your water intake is to make it taste good. It’s a simple solution that not only improves the flavour but with cordials like JIN JIN, you can pack in extra vitamins to your day. Plus, it can help you smooth out any gut problems thanks to the healthy bacteria it contains.

To gain the health benefits, just add a few drops of enzyme cordial to still or sparkling water. This healthy-flavoured water is the most convenient way to stay hydrated and healthy.

Green juice

Fruit juices are a popular beverage with common favourites being orange juice, cranberry juice and pomegranate juice. If they’re cold-pressed and freshly made, they can be a good source of vitamins. But the reality is, fruit juice can be a big dose of fructose without the fibre to stabilise your blood sugar.

If you want to incorporate more juices, greens make the best healthy juices. Green vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that keep the toxins in the body low along with many other vitamins and minerals. If you need to sweeten them, try a portion of berries, carrots or apples.

Ginger tea

If you are looking for low-sugar drinks, herbal teas are a great option. We recommend ginger tea as it can help reduce inflammation and, if you drink it 30 minutes before a meal, it can help promote better digestion. Plus, the delicious warming flavour is perfect for winter days as well as for coughs!

Staying hydrated can be fun

We’ve emphasised the importance of keeping yourself hydrated but we hope you can agree that it doesn't have to be as boring as plain water tastes. There are so many healthy alternatives to water to suit any taste. From natural energy drinks like coconut water to superfood Kefir, you can have lots of fun trying out new drinks and finding out what works best for you.

Our personal favourite is of course, JIN JIN cordial. We believe in the power of gut health and our fermented cordial ticks all the boxes for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Once you have a bottle of JIN JIN in your kitchen, you’ll be ready to make effortless healthy choices every day - and the best thing of all is that it only takes a few seconds to prepare!


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