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What Is An Enzyme Drink And What Are Their Benefits?

With health and wellness at the top of everyone’s priority list, we’re growing more conscious each day about what we put in our bodies. Not only should our food and drink be sustainable and delicious, but it also needs to be genuinely good for us, and easy to integrate into our increasingly busy lifestyles.

The answer to this dilemma? Enzyme drinks. This relatively little-known product is made up of a variety of all-natural ingredients – from fruit and vegetables to mushrooms and cultures. They have proven to have significant health benefits, making it the perfect substitution for those addictive artificial and sugary drinks.

But what exactly is an enzyme drink, and how can it benefit you? Keep reading to reveal the secrets of this natural fermented superdrink.

What is an enzyme drink?

A centuries-old solution to a multitude of health problems, enzyme drinks have long existed in Asian culture and cuisine, but were not introduced to the UK until the launch of JIN JIN Natural Enzyme Drink, a fruit and vegetable drink concentrate packed with over 35 different types of fruit, vegetable, mushroom, and culture.

Enzyme cordials like JIN JIN are naturally fermented to produce digestive enzymes and living beneficial bacteria which enhance the immune system and maintain good gut health.

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins which act as biological helpers, aiding your body in its digestive processes by converting carbohydrates into simple sugars. There are around 3000 enzymes within the human body, and certain raw fruits such as papayas, bananas, and figs also contain a high number of enzymes; however, cooking or heat-treating these fruits will cause the enzymes to degrade. This is why JIN JIN’s traditional methods of fermentation are so important: they allow the enzymes to be retained.

JIN JIN contains helpful enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and gama-aminobutyric acid, as well as other beneficial ingredients like lactic acid, polysaccharides, and a range of B-vitamins, making it a naturally fermented superdrink!

What are the benefits of enzyme drinks and enzyme cordials?

As well as reinforcing your immune system and enhancing your mood, enzyme drinks have proven to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of a number of illnesses, ailments, and diseases. The superoxide dismutase (or SOD) in JIN JIN is known to prevent inflammation, improve skin health and soothe skin conditions like psoriasis; it even benefits those who suffer from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

The gama-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) found in JIN JIN natural enzyme drink acts on our nervous system, making it an ideal remedy for anxiety and stress. Not only does this enzyme promote a healthier, deeper sleep, but it increases focus and regulates muscle tone, making it the perfect substitution for that morning caffeine kick.

The B-vitamins present in enzyme drinks act as antioxidants and help with circulation and cell regeneration, whilst the other enzymes and natural bacteria in JIN JIN can prevent conditions such as IBS, eczema, and diabetes, among others.

But aside from their undeniable health benefits, the fruits and vegetables used to create enzyme drinks make them fresh and delicious, rendering them a viable alternative to alcoholic and sugary drinks. JIN JIN’s impressive ingredients list includes goji berries, dragon fruit, mung beans, adzuki beans and even sweet potato.

When should I drink enzyme cordials?

Because enzyme cordials and drinks work both preventatively against and as a remedy for ailments and issues, they can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Try replacing your morning coffee with an enzyme cordial for an energy and mood boost; enzyme drinks also work well as a hangover cure, when your ‘one drink after work’ gets a little out-of-hand. Enjoying an enzyme drink before bed will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, and is known to invoke a sense of calm for those feeling a little anxious.

JIN JIN’s compact bottles make it easy to bring your enzyme drink on-the-go, slotting perfectly in with your busy schedule. Bring your enzyme cordial into the office before an important meeting, on your crowded morning commute, or even to the airport, to calm your nerves before a long flight. The natural ingredients in JIN JIN ensure an unbeatable freshness which can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.

How to make enzyme drinks at home

Enzyme cordials are sweet and versatile, meaning they can easily be mixed and combined with other drinks to suit all taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your favourite cocktail or are yearning for something fresh and fizzy to kick-start your working day, here are some of the most popular ways you can create enzyme drinks at home.

JIN JIN and sparkling water

Let’s start simple: a splash of JIN JIN’s enzyme cordial in a glass of sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated without sacrificing taste. Drinking water is important for maintaining your digestion and circulation, so why not give it a boost with a drop of enzyme cordial and a slice of lemon for good measure?

JIN JIN and ginger beer

For a zesty kick guaranteed to perk up your afternoon slump, try mixing enzyme cordial with ginger beer. Pour JIN JIN over ice and top up your glass with your favourite brand of ginger beer; the spiced ginger pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the cordial’s natural ingredients. Enjoy this drink during the summer months.

JIN JIN iced tea

A healthy coffee alternative for warmer weather, try brewing your favourite herbal or green tea, leaving it to cool, then pouring over ice. Mix in a splash of JIN JIN’s enzyme cordial for a delicious drink guaranteed to maintain good gut health.

JIN JIN and tonic

For lovers of the classic G&T, JIN JIN can be paired with tonic water and other garnishes of your choice to create a refreshing, alcohol-free aperitif. Simply mix one part cordial with ten parts tonic over ice, and add your favourite twists – we recommend a sprig of rosemary and a wedge of lime.

JIN JIN smoothie

JIN JIN’s abundance of natural ingredients makes it a great, gut-boosting addition to your morning smoothie. Blend a handful of fruits and vegetables of your choice and top off with a splash of enzyme cordial – to thicken, add banana or yoghurt.

Not just for drinks…

Whilst JIN JIN’s enzyme drink is most often enjoyed as part of a drink, there are a number of alternative recipes which can be enhanced by just a few drops of enzyme cordial. Those with a sweet tooth should try adding a splash of JIN JIN to overnight oats, topping with fresh fruit such as raspberries or blueberries; for savoury dishes, JIN JIN can be used to create a simple, tangy salad dressing – just mix enzyme cordial with olive oil, lemon juice, and seasoning.

Whatever your lifestyle, enzyme drinks can make an ideal addition to your daily routine, helping you stay healthy, hydrated, and happy. Try JIN JIN’s enzyme drinks today, guaranteed to help you in maintaining good gut health.

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