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Energy and Weight Loss

Keeping a healthy weight demands a balance of energy intake and expenditure. Excess energy is stored as fat when there is too much energy in or too little energy out of the body. Weight loss occurs when there is insufficient energy in the body or when there is too much energy expended. Men typically require 2,500 Kcal per day, while women require 2,000 Kcal. However, bodily energy requirements come down to four different influential factors which are: Age, gender, height, and energy expenditure, all of which can affect the amount of energy that an individual may require. If somebody is wishing to lose weight then the main aspect of this is ensuring that you are in a calorie deficit, this means making sure that you are burning more calories and energy than what your body has consumed during the day. Everybody is different, and understanding your own personal energy requirements are fundamental to ensuring a good management of energy balance to ensure you are in a calorie deficit while still giving your body all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients it needs on a day-to-day basis to function optimally!

As you all already know, weight loss is not just about eating healthy but combining this with regular physical activity to ensure optimal healthy weight loss! With that being said, to regularly undergo moderate-intensity exercise or more vigorous exercise you cannot have depleted energy stores. Your body must have sufficient energy to successfully finish an exercise session and this is one of the many reasons as to why you must make sure you are giving your body the energy requirements that it needs! Our enzyme cordial drinks are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and various different enzymes in which are guaranteed to effectively increase the effectiveness of energy production within your body and ultimately the amount of energy that your body receives, making it the ideal drink to not only aid weight loss but also to help you in improving and achieving the energy requirements which your body may have.

Achieving energy balance is fundamental in the weight loss process, if you consume more energy than your body burns or if your body does not burn enough of these calories (energy) then it will result in your body storing this excess energy as body fat, potentially leading to being overweight.

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