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The Importance of Gut Health

The human gut is a lot more complex than a lot of you might of imagined. Gut health and maintaining a healthy gut is fundamental for our bodies as it plays a huge role in the functioning of our internal organs, even the brain! Around 70% of our immune system revolves around your gut. With that being said, if you wish to develop and maintain a healthy body, then put your gut health first! This will help your body build up strength and help you in achieving your health goals!

We know the importance of having a strong gut and the various different health effects it will have on you, so we decided to make JIN JIN, a drink that focuses on improving your gut health by giving it the love and nutrients it needs. What could you expect from healing your gut and keeping it healthy?

  • Better moods

  • Effective hormone balance

  • A stronger immune system

  • Significantly more energy throughout the day

  • A big reduction in anxiety and depression

  • A reduction in inflammation & pain

  • Your body will become far more resilient to stress

  • Clearer skin

  • A significantly lower chance/risk of any diseases

  • Improved cognitive abilities and function

  • Vital nutrients are absorbed far more easily into the body

Food is ultimately broken down within the gut to a form which can enter the bloodstream being delivered as nutrients that the body needs. However, this process is only possible when the digestive system is in a healthy state. A healthy gut contains a vast amount of different healthy bacteria and immune cells that help your body in fighting against fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

As you can see a healthy gut has a great influence on your overall health! We all need to remember to give our guts the love and care that they deserve! Keeping your gut healthy will lead to an improvement in your overall health and day to day life, it will also help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Stay tuned for all of our future posts revolving around various different nutrition related topics! If you have not yet tried JIN JIN, give us a try!

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