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Unhealthy Gut Symptoms

It is difficult to spot the signs of poor gut health, hence we want to help you discover ways to recognise an unhealthy gut and how to improve it.

An unhealthy gut can be recognised in a number of different ways, for instance:

  • An upset stomach

  • Unintentional changes in weight

  • Disturbances to your sleep or the feeling of constantly feeling tired & fatigue

  • Irritation of the skin

  • Intolerances to food

  • Autoimmune conditions

Looking after your gut is an essential part of keeping your body healthy! Having an unhealthy gut can significantly impact digestive health and the absorption of vitamins and minerals within the body, potentially causing you to become deficient. 70% of the immune system is regulated within the gut and therefore an unhealthy gut will lower the effectiveness of your immune system usually resulting in inflammation. These are all consequences which can be easily avoided simply by looking after your body and watching what you eat. Diets that are high in fat and sugar negatively impact the health of your gut. Show your body the love and care that it deserves, and you can be sure that your gut will remain healthy.

If you feel that you have an unhealthy gut, here at JIN JIN we will be sure to help you in reaching the healthy gut you deserve! With that being said, try to lower your stress levels, make sure you get enough sleep, eat your food at a slower pace, always keep your body hydrated, consider taking a prebiotic or probiotic & change your diet to a healthier one with less high-sugar and high fat foods! All of these are changes which you can make in your day to day life which will lead to significant improvements in your gut health and your digestive and immune systems.

Our traditional methods of fermentation will ensure that your body receives all of the beneficial bacteria and enzymes it needs to fight off those ‘bad’ bacteria and help you develop and maintain a healthy gut.

Stay tuned for all of our future posts revolving around various different nutrition related topics! If you have not yet tried JIN JIN, give us a try!

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