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We are well excited to introduce to you, our friend, JUNO BAMBOO WATER who we have teamed up to give 2 lucky winners our 'JANUARY SELF CARE SET'.

Each set contains 5 x JIN JIN & 6 x JUNO BAMBOO WATER. (You must have an Instagram account to enter this competition.)


Head to your INSTAGRAM

Like the post you can find it on JIN JIN & Juno Bamboo Water

Tag friends in comment - each comment is an entry, so go crazy!

Make sure you’re following @drinkjinjin and @juno.bamboowater

Again..every comment counts as a new entry and two winners will be chosen (one from each page)

All UK postcodes eligible 🇬🇧✌️

The competition ends midnight 18/01/21

The winner will be contact via DM by 19/01/21.

Juno Bamboo Water – Hydrate Body & Mind

Soft-drink demand is evolving towards premium hydration experiences with healthy “flavours from the Earth”. Hence, they created Juno Bamboo Water, the first drink to blend immunity-boosting bamboo leaf extract with citrusy yuzu, to help you refresh, relax and recentre.

Bamboo has a long history of application in Traditional Medicines in Asia to heal the body. Rich in natural antioxidants and essential minerals, bamboo leaf extract is known to stimulate natural collagen production, detoxify, and boost immunity.

The taste? It’s like sipping fresh green shoots with a whisper of blossom. With the burst of citrusy yuzu, you will feel hydrated and revitalised. Juno Bamboo Water is all-natural, sugar-free, and low in calorie - a perfect balance of health benefits and clean natural taste! And we proudly bottle it here in the UK.

They love our sustainable ingredient! Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth and regrows after being harvested. It requires no fertiliser, no pesticide, and very little water to thrive. And as part of our commitment to sustainability, we also donate to global reforestation projects for each bottle of Juno that is enjoyed.

They will soon add more flavours to Juno Bamboo Water! Maybe hibiscus, peppermint or ginger? In the meantime, you can try Juno bamboo water on They also offer free UK delivery. And feel free to use DETOX20 promo code for a -20% off on your first order of Juno 😊

Lastly, We have to say it is pretty amazing mixing JIN JIN with Juno Bamboo Water.


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