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Fitness Trends 2021: Fit Tech to Restful Retreat | The Boutique Handbook

Like a lot of things in 2020, most people’s fitness regimes didn’t exactly go to plan.

With gyms closed and exercise classes going virtual, we became experts at working out from home. So what fitness trends can we expect from 2021?

From the latest fit tech to restful retreats, and a surge in health immunity to ‘bullet-proof’ ourselves from illness, we asked fitness coach Eliza Flynn to reveal her top trends for the year ahead.

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Eliza's top trends included:

Fit Tech

Fitness Mash Up

Adventure Fitness

Outdoor Fitness

Rise inPersonal Training

Online Coaching

Restful Retreats

and Health Immunity:

More people than ever are learning about what they can do to boost their immunity to ‘bullet-proof’ themselves from illness in the future.

Eliza says one of the more ‘out-there’ fitness crazes which is on the increase for 2021 is cold water immersion. She explains: ‘This is when you immerse yourself in cold water for as long as you can. This stress reaction triggers a shock to your immune system and your white blood cells, which fight off infection.

‘Some people are trying wild swimming to get this effect. But if you can’t do that, you could even just turn the cold water on in the shower for a few minutes.’

Nutrition and gut health are also a big focus as people start to think about boosting their immunity. Eliza says: ‘This could be through probiotics and fermented products, such as Jin Jin. Or foods known to boost immunity such as kimchi and sauerkraut.’

Eliza Flynn is a fitness coach and personal trainer at The Warrior Method. She also specialises in pre and post-natal fitness.

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